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Volumetrics' standard PDA Safe storage cabinets have either Ethernet connections or an inbuilt wireless system as standard providing continuous, untethered access to network resources. In essence, Volumetrics' standard cabinets can act as the 'HOTSPOT' within any warehouse environment. 

With extensive experience of deploying market leading "best of breed" wireless technology together with its own wireless network solutions, Volumetrics extends the reach of the traditional corporate LAN and enables increased workforce productivity and cost reduction. Volumetrics is able to: 

  • Use a wireless overlay to circumvent some of the restrictions inherent when using a traditional structured cabling system 

  • Install wireless bridges on or near appropriate buildings, and link them to an existing LAN infrastructure. 

Installation of a wireless link is quick and relatively simple. A wireless bridge link can also offer equal or better performance, security and reliability compared to traditional links.